~ about feng shui ~

Feng Shui and Sustainability     

Feng Shui applies to both business and residential situations, and ​has sustainability at the core of its practice:

~ Before Feng Shui can be practiced, de-cluttering must be applied, thenrecycling items can be used. 

~ The use of natural materials properly balanced has been an essential part of this ancient practice for centuries.

~ Align the decorations of a room to focus on the area of your life that needs it the most. This helps to make your intent clear.

~ Redesign, renew, and surround yourself with beautiful meaningful objects.

​Feng Shui is beneficial in that it uses natural materials and directional coordinates to promote positive energy within a space, which in turn promotes successful business practices, and overall positive personal mind and soul within.We sustain ourselves with good food, healthy lifestyle choices and, as much as is possible, living in harmony with our environment, whether that means building green or appropriately siting a house on a piece of land. Energies exist in our environment, whether natural or manmade, and Traditional Feng Shui is the method by which we assess those energies, from large to small scale. Feng Shui and sustainability have the same beginnings in the observation of nature to see as a standard for harmonious building design. Sustainability ihas the capacity to endure, be healthy, balanced and productive. This is mostly common sense, if you use nature as the standard.

Business Feng Shui


BUSNIESS FENG SHUI is the science and art of design, placement and arrangement for work place and business – in a harmonious and high energy environment.

​This environment supports business activities, attracts customers/clients, helps to increase sales and performance and enhances success and abundance.

​It is especially important when a business moves to a new location to start with a clean slate in the new location. The energy can be cleared and office set up for optimal effectiveness and also a healthier working environment with less stress.

​This is where my skills of using feng shui as an efficiency tool to make sure that the environment in the new building is at its best. Most contractors will give you the four walls and a ceiling with the necessary fixtures, but it is not fine tuned in a way that makes it an optimum environment for everyone working there. In simple terms, what I do could be going one step further than that of a business efficiency expert. It can enhance the interrelationships between your employees and improve work performance.

​Feng shui is also used to create a healthy and happy home by removing negative influences and adding supportive energies.. The bottom line is a higher profit margin and a more successful business.