~ A small business was not doing well financially.I went in an observed all the employees at work, interviewed them, talked to their supervisors, and then with the help of the manager, some employees offices were rearranged to make the whole work situation more compatible and efficient. The employee relations got better, and finances improved. - NR

~ A  couple had not slept well in their bedroom for 2 years. There were many things that  were interfering with their sleep.  They made the necessary changes immediately, and by the 3rd night the quality of their sleep improved and continues to improve.  - JM

~ A home business was not doing well.  In doing the business consultation, I changed the location of the desk near the office entrance, rearranged the office and made some changes in the entrance outside the office. The owners have more business than they can handle now.

~ An investor had built a new home and it had been on the market for 4 months without selling. I was asked to visit the location of the new home to see what I could do.  I submitted a written proposal for the Feng Shui adjustments to help sell the property. On the same day that the proposal was agreed to, an offer was made on the house and it closed a few weeks later. 

~ A few years ago an expensive apartment building was not selling and something had to be done. The owner was advised to find a person to do a clearing of the building.  A practitioner came in an did the clearing and the building was received an offer within 24 hours. -MF

~ A small bed & breakfast was not keeping their rooms as full as they wanted. After a feng shui consultation they rearranged the bedrooms, the main entrance, changed some landscaping, and made the recommended changes on their web site and within one week business increase and has continued to increase more than the last 3years. More guests are returning than before, because they feel more comfortable. - BL

~ Recently a woman was having some stress around a  medical condition. She made some energy adjustments around how she perceived the situation. These are her own words : "I used Fend Shui because nothing helped to stop the coughing and wretching that occurred at time during the day and kept me awake every night. It affected my life for four months. After I folded the cloth over the armoire and changed the color from orange to blue, I coughed a little the first night and never again, day or night."   -HH

~ Client comments ~


These are a few of the Feng Shui consultations that I have done. The success speaks for itself.