You will get the maximum benefit from this consultation by:  making sure that our time together is uninterrupted, by having all necessary persons available at the appointment time, by doing as much of the "Research/Homework" as you can ahead of time and by having all architectural drawings (lot plan, site plan, floor plan emailed to me prior to the consultation along with the research/history information - and also have this information readily available at the consultation. 

Below is a list of the "Research/History."  This is to assist you and help you prepare to answer the questions on the questionnaire. 

Please remember to greet me with the red envelopes upon my arrival.  This is a centuries old tradition for the exchange of this historically orally transmitted knowledge. (see: Red Envelopes)  Please be prepared to take notes and/or audio tape our consultation *Written reports available upon request.  Please make this request prior to the consultation date and allow two weeks after consultation for delivery.  This process is a wonderful tool for transformation.

1.  Lot plan, site plan, floor plan etc. you will need as much of this as you can gather - be sure to fax it to my office prior to our consultation.  If you do not have this information then do the best you can with a sketch - as close to scale as possible.  I do not draw floor plans.  If you prefer I have a draftsman that can visit  your location and do a floor plan for you (there is a fee for this service).

2.  Be prepared to tell me a bit about why you left your last location and what your business was like there.

3.  Describe finding your present location.  Describe how you felt initially when you first heard about it and when you first saw it.  What was your feeling when you drove up to it for the first time?  What did you feel walking through the door for the first time? 

4.  What is the history of this location?  What businesses occupied this space before (as far back as you can find)?  What was their business like? Were they successful  Why did they leave?

5.  What is your business location "neighborhood" like?  Describe briefly your business "neighborhood" influences.  Is there a feeling of community?  Are there any schools, churches, large commercial properties, parks, lakes, playgrounds, major highways or electrical transformers close to you?  What is around you?

6.  How are the workplace relationships?  How is the productivity?  Do any employees have special concerns?  Are you able to get good help and keep them?  Are there any common problems? 

7.  Are you able to get clients/customers and maintain them?  Are there any common problems?

8.  What are your Professional goals?  What are your Goals with this Feng Shui Consultation?

9.  To what extent are you willing to achieve these Goals?

Business questions:

​​What is the nature of your business? How long have you been in business? 

How many employees?

How long have you been at this location?

Were you in business at a different location?  Why did you move?

How was business when you were at the previous location?  How is business since your move?

What are your hours of operation? How many days a week are you open?

How did you find this location?  Describe the experience.

How was the move-in? Describe

Have you ever tried to sell this business?

What has been the trend in sales for the past five years?

Have sales increased or decreased in the past year?  By how much?

What is the biggest current challenge to this business?

Is there anything broken? How did you find this location?   Describe the experience.

What art your top goals for this Feng Shui consultation?