tantric sexuality

Tantra comes from a Taoist tradition in the Far East and India thousands of years ago. Tantra is a holistic integrated approach to your own sexuality. It is an interweaving of both the erotic energy and spiritual. It can add to your energy, youthfulness, and longevity. It has been my spiritual path for about 20 years. I am a tantra teacher and coach working mostly with men. Tantra comes from the practice of yoga and meditation. It has enhanced my life in many ways. Because of tantra, my relationships and sex life has improved greatly. I encourage you to look at it.  There is a lot more to sex than sex, as you will discover. Tantric sex increases intimacy. Join me on  the journey! Sexuality is sacred. Tantra is a holistic approach to sexuality. Tantric SEX is always fantastic. It is the answer to health sexual practice and a more expansive spirituality. Tantric texts describe the esoteric teachings of Tantra, a belief system which originated in India, and practiced by a number of Hindus and Buddhists. In Western Tantra however sexuality is only one facet of this elaborate spiritual practice, as a representation of the union of the soul with the Spirit. A deep study of Tantra can take a lifetime. It is for the disciplined. the assertion of Tantra that sexual energy can be harnessed to achieve union with the divine is fairly unique. Tantra helps us realize that not only is the human journey sacred and blessed, but that WE ARE that very sacred and blessed journey!            --- Serge Discover deeper states of love and ecstasy within yourself through Tantra. Greatly extend your sensual and sexual pleasure, deepen your intimate connections using the ancient sacred art and science of tantra.